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Ciplak - a different kind of pirate

Mon Aug 20 09:33:49 2007

Ciplak is a feature length movie by Khairil M. Bahar, which was released in selected GSC cinemas on November 23, 2006. There are a few versions of the trailers on YouTube, and the official website. It is indeed different, and I found the trailer to be very engaging, as much as it was close to reality.


In a country such as Malaysia piracy isn’t just common: it’s indispensable. Everything from clothes and shoes to CD’s and video games are available in bootleg form. Piracy has allowed the underprivileged to afford over-priced sneakers, exposed the ignorant to the wonders of non-top 40 music and increased the cinema vocabulary of an entire nation through pirated DVD’s. For Jo, DVD piracy has it’s other advantages. As a Malaysian student studying in England he travels to and fro every couple of months. But unlike other Malaysian students, 12 cartons of duty free cigarettes aren’t the only thing he neglects to declare at customs. Taking advantage of the fact that pirated DVD’s come out before a movie’s cinematic release and with UK movie releases often a few months after they come out Stateside, Jo’s discovered the perfect scam for extra cash: England has the demand and Malaysia has the supply. Now in his final year of university and on the last day of his last visit to Malaysia before finishing up his degree and settling in ‘back home’ for good, he’s about to make the biggest shipment yet: 175 movies. With a buyer in England who’ll pay 50 pounds a DVD in order to make copies, Jo’s hit the jackpot. Too bad he’s chosen the day KL is hit with the biggest anti-piracy raid in history to pick up his shipment.

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