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Petronas - Boys in the Hood (Deepavali 2003)

Tue Aug 14 10:06:29 2007

This Deepavali TV commercial by Petronas is one that many in Malaysia will recollect with a smile. Featuring a bunch of Indian youths in Bangsar, it was aired across local TV stations in 2003 in conjunction with Deepavali. It captures the reality of Malaysia today, i.e. showcasing the common image of Malaysian Indian youth influenced by American hip-hop, while enforcing the positive values of society.

Kudos to the creative team behind this TVC, and this one-liner:

The world is changing but we will always be proud of who we are

Side note: This TVC was filmed in the Telawi area of Bangsar, an urban residential area made famous by its nightlife. Mezza is now known as T-Club, and the pasar malam (night market) is something that is real and alive up to this day.

Random frames:

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